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University of New Mexico School of Law is an American Bar Association accredited law school. The following information provides a snapshot of the University of New Mexico School of Law in accordance with ABA Standard 509.

Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar
321 N. Clark Street, 21st Floor
Chicago, IL 60654
Phone: 312.988.6738

Admissions Data

For the class entering in the Fall of 2014
Enrolled in 1L Class: 113
Median LSAT: 153
Median GPA: 3.43

Full Admissions Data

Employment Outcomes

Class of 2014

UNM Law Employment Statistics Ten Months after Graduation

Of the 111 graduates in the Class of 2014, 107 secured employment as of March 15, 2015. 104 of those employed as of that date were in bar passage required or JD advantage positions.

Employment Status

Employment by Employment Type

Full stastics for the Class of 2014

Bar Examination Statistics

July 2014
Pass rate for first-time UNM takers: 89%
State average first time takers: 88%

February 2014
Pass rate for first-time UNM takers: 84%
State average first time takers: 88%

Full Bar Exam Statistics, 2008-2014

Tuition & Estimated Cost of Living

Cost based on In-State Full-time Tuition Per Academic Year
Tuition: $15,701.00
Fees: $550.00
Living Costs: $15,333.00

Full Tuition, Fees & Living Cost

Scholarships & Financial Aid Information

Average Scholarship (AY 13-14): $9,288.00
Median Scholarship (AY 12-13): $5,675.00
*47.8% of enrolled students received scholarships.

Full scholarship retention data

Financial Aid Information

Information regarding Refund Policies

Scholarship Retention Data 2011-2013

Faculty & Administrators

Deans, Librarians, & Others who teach121134970065