Advanced Problems in Legal Ethics

Advanced Problems in Legal Ethics

Course Description

This seminar is being offered for the benefit of those students who have taken the basic course in ethics and wish to explore some of the fundamental dilemmas of legal ethics in more depth.

The course will involve a number of selected topics, with advanced readings on those topics and class discussion. The topics will cover the core duties contained in the Model Rules of Professional Responsibility--competence, confidentiality, loyalty zealousness, and obligations to the legal profession and the public. The particular topics will be drawn from problems faced by real lawyers in their daily practices. To the extent possible, we will have the lawyers whose problems we use, join us for class discussion of those particular problems at the weekly two-hour scheduled class.

In addition, this will be a "paper" class, in which each student will be required to produce and present a paper on a legal ethics problem of his or her own choosing. Paper topics must be chosen very early in the semester (to avoid overlap with those topics planned for class discussion prior to student presentations), and individual tutorial meetings with the instructor will be arranged to supervise the progress of student written work.

The seminar may be used to satisfy the writing requirement for graduation, and will be limited to 12 students.