Basic Mediation Training

Basic Mediation Training

Course Description

This training seminar provides people with the opportunity to learn how to negotiate effectively and understand the theory and practice of mediation as a method of alternative dispute resolution. We will use simulations, small group exercises, and concept presentations based on realistic problems to provide an intensive, practice-oriented experience. Topics covered include:

  1. tools for analyzing the dispute and selecting the best interventions
  2. dealing with resistance and gaining commitment to constructive negotiation
  3. mediating multi-party disputes
  4. ethical dilemmas
  5. strategies for balancing power
  6. techniques for breaking impasses
  7. reframing
  8. assessing mediator competency
  9. mediation as assisted decision-making

Journal or reflective papers will be required. This course will be graded on a CR/C-, D+, D, D-, F basis. The course will be scheduled on two weekends beginning at midday Friday, running all day Saturday, and through the afternoon on Sunday. See schedule for exact times. Attendance during all scheduled class time is mandatory. There will be no exceptions to the attendance requirement.

If you have a conflict with another course that meets on Friday afternoon, you will have to make arrangements with the professor to miss those classes that conflict with the two Fridays that Basic Mediation is scheduled. If those arrangements cannot be made, you will not be able to take Basic Mediation. These arrangements must be made at the very start of the semester, so that another course can be scheduled if you are unable to get the excused absences that are necessary to attend Basic Mediation.

Basic Mediation is a prerequisite for Family Mediation and must be taken in a prior semester. Basic Mediation cannot be taken in the same semester as Family Mediation.