Consumer Law

Consumer Law

This course will focus on the practical application of federal and state general consumer laws, and will cover primarily the New Mexico Unfair Practices Act and the Federal Trade Commission Act.

Some of the topics to be addressed in this course include:

  1. Credit and Collections
  2. Contracts, Warranties and Legal Rights
  3. Automobile and Mobile Home Sales
  4. Door-to-Door Sales
  5. Home Improvements and Related Services
  6. Household Products
  7. Future Service Contracts
  8. Opportunity Schemes and other "Non-sale" Transactions

Based on these topics, other federal and state laws will most likely be reviewed such as the Truth in Lending Act, the Fair Debt Collection Act, the Door-to Door Sales Act, the Home Loan Protection Act and Motor Vehicle Quality Assurance.

These interesting facets of consumer law in New Mexico will be learned, by reading New Mexico and Federal case law and by analyzing on-going consumer matters presented to public enforcement authorities and to the private bar. Our studies will focus on the causes of action and the remedies available, including attorney fees and treble damages.

The practical application of consumer law will include the development of a client-interview form to address the pertinent issues, the preparation of several model pleadings, and Power Point presentations on specific areas of consumer law. These projects, and others, will provide both a product to be used in the practice of law and a basis for grading. There will be no classroom examination.