Contract Design & Drafting

Contract Design & Drafting

Course Description

In the Spring of 2009, this course is an elective open only to 1st year students.

The course is graded Credit, C-, D+, D and F.

The class will be schedule for 150 minutes each week which is normally the time required for a 3 credit course. During the semester, certain classes will be cancelled with the result that the class time will be equivalent to the time required for a two credit course.

The class each semester is limited to 12 students. Since it is important to have that number in the class, students will be permitted to drop the course only immediately after the first class if there is a waiting list, and those on the waiting list will be permitted to fill any vacancies.

The purpose of the course is to introduce students to the design and drafting of contracts. Written assignments will be given on a weekly basis. These will range include drafting of simple contracts, drafting of clauses for inclusion in longer documents, and the analysis and redrafting of complicated contracts. Emphasis will be placed upon the approach to drafting problems and, in some instances, the selection of various ways of accomplishing the same purpose.