Evidence/Trial Practice

Evidence/Trial Practice

This course will focus on trial procedure, evidence, and trial skills utilizing:

  1. lectures and class discussions on the principles of evidence and trial skills;
  2. demonstrations of trial skills;
  3. practice sessions in which each student performs various exercises to learn trial skills;
  4. individual review with me of videotapes of the trial practice performances; and
  5. a mock jury trial.

Each student is also required to complete a trial notebook that is used during the mock trial.

The entire class meets during the week for lectures and/or demonstrations in the scheduled Monday through Thursday morning time slots. The class will also be divided into eight groups containing no more than eight students each. Each of these groups will meet one day from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. for the trial practice exercises. Approximately sixteen adjunct faculty, consisting of judges and attorneys, will work with the individual groups of students in these trial practice sessions.

The trial practice sessions are scheduled from Monday through Thursday. Each student will be assigned to attend a session on only one of those days. I try to accommodate, if possible, students’ requests to be assigned to a particular day of the week for their small group trial practice session. That means, for example, if a student has other classes on Monday and Wednesday from 5 to 7, I will try to assign her/him to a trial practice group that meets on Tuesday or Thursday.

Students taking this class must also be available for the mock trials on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.