Law Office Management

Law Office Management

Course Description

In a few months you are going to be licensed to practice law. How will you manage the transition from law school to legal practice? The Law School hopes that you will become a great lawyer. There are many hallmarks of a great lawyer. One such hallmark is technical competence. Much more important is that the practice of law is a people business and will require skills in dealing with and interacting with clients. Second, being a lawyer will require skills in dealing with your staff and support personnel. Third, being a lawyer will require skills in dealing with other lawyers and judges.

The fact that you performed well at the law school and are willing to work long hours are no longer sufficient to assure that you will be successful in your chosen professional occupation. In any capacity that you may wish to use your degree you must have good communication and management skills to survive in today's competitive marketplace.

In this course you will learn about real life problems that you will encounter in your professional roles and how to resolve these problems. This course is an introduction to dealing with current, fundamental issues and problems faced by law graduates in organizing and living their professional role.

The goal of this course will be to discuss with you why management in any context is important. We will discuss how to improve your communication skills, how to manage your cases and files, and how to work with clients and others successfully. You will be shown how to manage your time, bill your time, and how to use your time effectively. We will also discuss planning, budgeting, data management, and other topics relevant to your professional career.

The course will use a group of practitioners who plan to assist you to be confident about your immediate and long-term future as an attorney.