Marshall Brennan Constitution Literacy Seminar

Marshall Brennan Constitution Literacy Seminar: Education and the Constitution (53347-LAW 593 034)

Course Description- Fall 2015

Professors Matthew Bernstein and Preston Sanchez

This is a 3 credit seminar, with 2 graded credits and 1 ungraded fieldwork credit. The seminar is designed for upper-level students who are Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project Law Fellows, who will initially register for the 2 credit course (Law 593-034) and submit an application to serve as a Law Fellow (application and more info on the program available at During the summer, students will also enroll in the additional 1 credit course for the fieldwork component. Law students teach Constitutional Law and social justice in area high schools. The seminar is meant to compliment the teaching experience and explore substantive topics in education law, such as freedom of speech in schools, the school-to-prison pipeline, search and seizure in the public school context, and disability rights.

Law students will also engage in an ongoing theoretical and practical examination of some of the practices that Marshall-Brennan teachers have found effective in their classrooms, and collaborate on events such as Constitution Day and a regional high school moot court competition to engage youth from diverse and underserved backgrounds in learning about justice and advocacy. The course will proceed in a wholly interactive discussion format. This course encourages individual development as teachers, writers, and critical thinkers, and also provides an opportunity for Fellows to grow as colleagues and community advocates.