Specialized Legal Research (Natural Resources)

Specialized Legal Research (Natural Resources)

Course Description

Prerequisites: open to current 3Ls only (2010-2011 academic year)

Outcomes: This course is designed to instruct students on legal research skills for U.S. and New Mexico resources, with a special emphasis on issues relevant to natural resources law and state and federal regulatory research. Students who take this course will understand governmental structures and where law comes from; court structures and stare decisis; the relationship between statutes, regulations, cases and agencies; where primary law is officially recorded; how to conduct cost effective research using both online and print formats; concepts of Boolean searching; how to locate Federal and New Mexico constitutions, statutes, regulations, case law and court rules; how statutes, regulations and case law digests are organized and hierarchically structured; how court rules are organized and adopted; how to use statutory annotations to locate related regulations and case law; how to find a public law; how to locate and use ALRs, treatises and law reviews; how to locate forms, checklists, jury instructions; how to update statutes, regulations, and case law; how to locate a parallel citation; how to apply the correct citation form for statutes, regulations and case law under the New Mexico Rules of Citation (N. M. Sup. Ct. R. 23-112).

Methodologies: Lecture and hands on practice opportunities (in and out of class)

Required textbook: None

Assessment: Graded assignments; final project

Required text: The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (current edition)(www.legalbluebook.com)