UNM School of Law Advanced Writing Requirement

To meet UNM School of Law degree requirements, every student is required to produce a substantial written work that must be completed by the student's last semester. This form must be submitted to the Registrar in order to document appropriate credit. A clean copy of the written work must accompany this form.

The paper must include the following on the cover page:

  1. Title
  2. Name of Student
  3. Name of Faculty Supervisor
  4. Date

Year in School                      
Semester in Which Enrolled              

This certifies that the student named above has satisfactorily completed the UNM School of Law Upper Class writing requirement.

__________________________________________________               ________________________
Faculty Signature                                                                                                      Date

__________________________________________________               ________________________
Faculty Signature (Second reader may be waived by first reader)                  Date

Reminder: When all signatures have been obtained please submit this completed form to the UNM SOL Office of the Registrar located in the administrative suite, Room 2518.