Approval Form for Individual Research

This form must be returned to the Registrar before the second week of classes.


Year in School              

Semester in Which Enrolled                   

Credit Hours                         

Total number of Hours of Independent Research the can be taken during Law School is six. Graded on a CR/C-/D+/D/D-/F basis.

The above proposal meets with my approval and I agree to supervise the work as described.

__________________________________________________               ________________________
Faculty Signature                                                                                                      Date

Independent Research to meet the writing requirement is not available to those students who started in Fall 2010 or later. The above proposal meets with my approval to fulfill the writing requirement.

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Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Signature                                                 Date

Reminder: When all signatures have been obtained please submit this completed form to the UNM SOL Office of the Registrar located in the administrative suite, Room 2518.