Attendance Policy

All ABA-accredited law schools are required to abide by the Standards for Approval of Law Schools of the American Bar Association, including the rule that, "A law school shall require regular and punctual class attendance." Consistent with these directives, the UNM School of Law faculty believes that dependability is an essential characteristic of a good lawyer. The Law School’s objective is not only to ensure academic success, of which attendance is a major component, but also the development of good professional habits.

A student that misses more than 20% of his or her classes is not deemed to be in compliance with the requirement of regular and punctual class attendance. Individual faculty may establish a standard of regular attendance higher than 80%, and may also take this higher standard of attendance, class participation, and the quality of class performance into account in determining the student’s grade as long as the faculty member has, during the first week of classes, announced an intention to do so or has included that intention in the syllabus or other class materials distributed in the first week of class.

Accumulated absences exceeding 20% of classes shall result in the student's withdrawal from the course with either a WP (withdrawal/passing) or WF (withdrawal/failing), at the professor’s election. When the student has missed 20% of classes, the professor is to notify the Assistant Dean for Student Services.

Each professor is responsible for keeping track of student attendance in a manner of his/her choosing, as long as individual attendance can be verified. At the time that the Professor turns in his or her grades to the Registrar, the professor must certify in writing that all students in the class have attended class in a regular and punctual manner, and that the professor maintains adequate evidence of individual class attendance by all students in the course.