Howard University School of Law Exchange

Howard University School of Law

The location of Howard University School of Law in the nation’s capitol provides convenient access to the extensive Washington, D.C. court system and many of the city’s cultural and historical institutions. The 22-acre campus is easily accessible by public transportation and major thoroughfares. In addition to a strong externship program, a key program at Howard is the Institute of Intellectual Property and Social Justice, a center whose intent is to "use intellectual property law to advance social justice in the United States and the global community."

UNM Law Students

Since the Fall 2010 semester, UNM law students have been able to spend a semester studying at Howard University School of Law. Up to two UNM students may be allowed every semester to attend the Washington, D.C. law school, and two students from Howard University may be allowed to study at UNM. The students will pay the tuition and fees of their home schools, but will enjoy the same privileges of students at their host school. UNM students are responsible for their own living arrangements and expenses, but UNM School of Law personnel will provide assistance as best as they can.

The nation's capital provides opportunities to view lawmaking processes firsthand. Students can observe the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, and regulatory agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission, Federal Communications Commission and the National Labor Relations Board. The United States Supreme Court and other federal and local courts provide insight into the judicial system. Federal administrative agencies and executive departments permit students to observe at close range the processes of American political and legal systems. The Library of Congress and several other special collections offer the best research resources in the world.

Who is Eligible

The exchange is open to second- and third-year UNM students who are in the top half of their class the semester prior to the exchange semester. UNM law students must take the equivalent of a full course load at their host school and are encouraged to take courses and externships not offered at UNM. Their proposed schedule of courses must be approved by the UNM School of Law dean or his designate.