Individual Campus Visits

Imagining what it is like to study law at the University of New Mexico? You’ve read about our small school with a big value online, now, we invite you to experience what the University of New Mexico School of Law has to offer first hand.

The best way to experience the University of New Mexico School of Law is to visit our campus. Sit in on a class, tour the law school and meet our friendly and supportive faculty and staff.

We encourage prospective applicants to come during the academic year so your visit can include attending a first-year class and meeting with students and faculty. Class visits are typically available throughout the semester with the exception of the first and last week of classes. When planning your visit, please request date(s) with at least one week of advanced notice so that we can confirm arrangements for your visit.

Availability of classes changes from semester to semester.

  • Fall Semester (September through November)
  • Spring Semester (January through April)
  • Summer Semester (mid-May through July)

Three first-year classes are available to visit in the spring:

Civil Procedure I MW
Introduction to Constitutional Law TF
Property MW

Civil Procedure I

Civil Procedure I is an introduction to procedures employed by state and federal courts for resolution of civil disputes. The course will investigate the process of forum selection, the pleadings stage of litigation, the discovery process, and the summary judgment mechanism as a device for terminating litigation prior to trial. In addition, the course will investigate alternatives to traditional civil litigation such as arbitration and mediation.

Introduction to Constitutional Law

This course is an introduction to the study of Constitutional Law. The focus will be on the structural framework established by the Constitution, including principles of federalism and the role of the Supreme Court in policing the constitutional order. Among other things, we will study the doctrine of judicial review, the reach of federal legislative power, limits on the reach of state power, the workings of the Supreme Court, and separation of powers and limits on the exercise of federal judicial power.

Property I

This first year course is an introduction to the basic concepts of property law, focusing on the role of possession in allocating the various rights and responsibilities connected with personal and real property. The course covers acquisition of initial property rights, adverse possession, donative transfers, the evolution and nomenclature of interests in estates in land and future interest, concurrent property rights, and marital property.

Schedule a Visit

To schedule a visit please complete our online registration form at least one week prior.

Your registration will be forwarded to our Admissions Office, and a member of our admissions team will contact you via e-mail to confirm and organize your visit.


Follow this link for parking and directions to UNM School of Law.


Enter the main doors of the Law School (flagpole near the front entrance). Our main administrative office is located to your left. Let the front desk receptionist know you are here for a scheduled tour and/or class visit. You will be provided with a parking permit for your vehicle. Once you have put the parking permit on your vehicle, return to the administrative office, where your student admission representative will meet you. Please check in 15 minutes prior to your visit. That will allow enough time to park, check-in, and get situated. If you are scheduled for an early morning class, the Law School administrative office does not open till 8:00 am.