Why UNMSOL? Current Students Share Their Experiences

Cara Valente Compton “UNMSOL is very supportive of non-traditional students.  As a busy mother of four, I worried about balancing a legal education and parenthood, and feeling like the law school mom, being so much older than my colleagues.  I was amazed by the genuine friendship and support I have found among my peers in law school, the understanding professors who forgave the occasional absence, or allowed my 7 year old    to lead the class in the Pledge of Allegiance.  In every sense of the word I feel supported and respected by everyone here.”  -  Cara A. Valente-Compton, UNM Law Class of 2014

Amanda Thatcher“Coming back to New Mexico to attend UNMSOL was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  The legal education that I received here helped me obtain both a judicial clerkship and an associate position with a firm post-graduation.  I will be pursuing my career in AZ, so there are opportunities available in-state and elsewhere.  The support received from career services is also particularly noteworthy.  Beginning in my first semester, I received help building my resume and guidance on how to best position myself for obtaining employment after graduation.  I love this school, and I appreciate the opportunity to have studied here.” - Amanda Thatcher, UNM Law Class of 2013, BA California State University—Fullerton, MBA Candidate UNM Anderson School of Business, Farmington, NM native.

Alex Flores"Conversing with Judges and Justices on a first name basis, participating in decisions about my school's future, knowing the names of every classmate and being known by every professor: these are the qualities I've loved about UNM, all at a fantastic price." - Alex Flores, UNM Law Class of 2013, B.A., Public Policy, George Washington University; M.P.A., Princeton University