Endowed Scholarship Campaign

Endowed Scholarship Campaign

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To unite as graduates in a shared calling for our law school, to protect its legacy and provide for its future, to honor through action and gift the education we received and through an unprecedented joining together of UNMSOL alumni – 5,000 strong – to establish an endowment for those who follow in our footsteps.

The UNM School of Law Alumni/ae Association has committed to raise funds to endow (make permanent) the funding for the three full-tuition scholarships it provides to law students at our alma mater. 

Currently the Alumni/ae Association provides funding for the scholarships from the proceeds from our annual Distinguished Achievement Awards Dinner (don’t miss this year’s on Friday, October 25) and our Summer Golf Classic. 

We believe that this is the most important initiative the Alumni/ae Association has undertaken in its history, and we need every alumnus and alumna to unite to make this initiative a success.

This is our chance to come together, 5,000 strong, to a have a real impact on the future of our Law School and future generations who will follow in our footsteps.

In a time of national crisis in legal education, New Mexico’s law school is thriving. Our alumni and friends can help us maintain our stability. The Alumni Association’s campaign to endow permanent support for student scholarships could not be more timely. I want to thank and acknowledge each and every individual who has responded to this effort. What this campaign requires is a complete and unshakable responsiveness from our graduates and our friends. What this campaign will do, is not only unite all of us in a shared calling for our law school, but change forever the lives of future students who will receive our assistance.

Our request is simple: remember.

Take a moment and think back. How did you feel on your first day of law school? What did you need? Who helped you? Do you remember thinking how will I do this?

Then, participate.

Make a gift, encourage your classmates, enthusiastically spread the news about this campaign, share your ideas for success with us.

This is your campaign.

This is about strengthening our future.

Together We Can Make a Difference

Xochitl Torres

Xochitl Torres

Current Scholarship Recipient

At times this year, I've doubted myself. During the toughest times, the Alumni Scholarship reminds me that a community is invested in my future. During the easier times, the scholarship pushes me to fully appreciate the many opportunities UNMSOL has to offer. Most of all, I’m grateful. I’m grateful every day in class, I’ll be grateful the day I pass the bar, and I will be grateful every day I practice. At every stage of my life I will find ways to contribute to this community that made it possible.

Taylor Watrous Lueras

Taylor Watrous Lueras

Former Scholarship Recipient

“This scholarship was extremely important to me, allowing me to concentrate on education rather than working, as a networking tool, and as a way to work in my desired field of public service. The scholarship afforded me so many important opportunities, and I am thrilled to be able to give back to New Mexico and UNM SOL as a UNM SOL alumna.”


Legacy Gifts - $50,000 or above

William Ferguson ‘74

Innovator Gifts - $10,000 - $24,999

Samantha Adams ’03 & Arlyn Crow ‘03
Peter Johnstone ‘74
David Martinez ‘82

Benefactor Gifts - $2,000 - $9,999

Bidtah Becker ’00 & Paul Spruhan ‘00
Sarah Bradley ‘72
Joyce Gentry ‘84
Thomas Keleher ‘74

Leader Gifts - $1,000 - $1,999

Steve Aguilar ‘78
Diane Albert ‘07
Marie Baca ‘80
Anna Michelle Baca ‘92
Kay Bratton ‘85
Arthur Beach ‘70
Herb Becker
Mary Behm ‘99
Lori Bencoe ‘93
Tom Bird ‘82
Brian Branch ‘87
Kathy Brandt Hammar ’85 &
Kevin Hammar ‘84
George (Pat) Bryan ‘74
Billy Burgett ‘82
John (Jack) Carmody ‘73
David Chavez ‘83
Ann Claassen ‘89

Jill Marron ’84 & John Cooney ‘65
Domenici Law Firm
Roger Eaton ‘77
Philip Gaddy ‘83
Gary Gordon ‘86
Kevin Gover ’81 &
Danny Jarrett ‘96
Lynn Trujillo ’02 &
Pilar Thomas ‘02
F. Michael Hart ‘88
Dusti Harvey ‘96
Randy Knudson ‘80
Shannon Oliver Kennedy ‘94
Stephanie Landry ‘85
The Hon. William Lang ‘82
Cindy Lovato-Farmer ‘93
Carolyn Merchant ‘82
Charles Reynolds ‘70

Ed Ricco ‘80
Geoffrey Romero ‘91
Jay Rosenblum ‘82
Pia Salazar ‘94
Kelly Stout Sanchez ‘09
Raymond Sanchez ‘67
Maureen Sanders ‘79
Steve Scholl ‘89
Andrew Schultz ‘84
William Snead ‘61
David Stout ‘82
Denise Torres ‘93
Gabrielle Valdez ‘94
John Wertheim ‘95
Wendy York ‘82
Brad Zeikus ‘66

Partner Gifts - $999 & below

Tiffany Dowell ‘09
Robert Lucero ‘08
Robert McGeorge ‘71
Jennifer Rodgers ‘06

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