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This summer will mark the close of our three-year term as co-deans. Each of us has enjoyed the unique opportunity to serve the law school and its community jointly.

Over the course of this past year, the two of us considered where we want to see the law school go over the coming years. We presented our thoughts to Interim Provost Craig White several months ago, as the time was fast approaching to determine what would happen when our initial three-year term concluded. Dean Mathewson considered that this year would be his 35th at the law school and, after much thought, decided he did not wish to extend his service beyond our term. Dean Pareja, on the other hand, expressed a willingness and desire to continue serving. Interim Provost White visited the faculty at the law school and engaged in a series of surveys and votes, which were designed to invite and capture input and feedback from the law school’s faculty and staff. The results of these surveys and votes demonstrated that there was strong support for Dean Pareja continuing on as sole dean at the end of the co-deanship. With this feedback in mind, Interim Provost White very recently determined that Dean Pareja will continue as dean, serving as the law school’s sole dean from the end of July 2018 until July 2020.

The responsibilities of the dean include, among other things, encouraging excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service while promoting collaboration among colleagues and stakeholders; supporting cross-disciplinary and campus-wide goals and initiatives; ensuring outreach efforts to increase understanding of and support for the law school; and placing our students first. With respect to our students, our dean upholds a strong commitment to access to a legal education in New Mexico, and to safeguarding the resources needed to ensure our students can succeed.

One of the greatest things about our law school is this shared sense about the importance of supportiveness and service. It has connected us all in many ways over the last two and a half years. As we reflect back on our work together, we realize that we could not have done what we have without the involvement of many people. In part because of this sense of a collective mission, we felt that it was very important for us to give our alumni and friends an understanding of this recent internal process, our forthcoming transition, and of the continuity and stability we hope it will afford.

We expect this year to be a great year for the law school and we are going to do everything we can as deans to make it so. There are already some really wonderful stories from across the law school and our legal community to share. Many can be found here on the law school’s website. Even if you may not have contributed directly to a particular snapshot of successes, we invite you to take pride in them and to share them with others because each success is shared by all of us.

As we continue to serve together until the end of July, we invite your thoughts and feedback. More than that, we’d like to see you. Last month, the Distinguished Achievement Awards Dinner was an especially enjoyable evening for so many of us. This month, we will gather in a similarly enjoyable yet casual and festive evening at the law school (detail below) on November 29th. On this evening, we will welcome our most recent graduates to our alumni association and legal community, while also celebrating the spirit of the season and offering our thanks for all you do.

Dean & Professor of Law

Dean & Professor of Law

Festive Welcome Reception!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
Law School Hart Wing

Join us in celebrating the spirit of the season as faculty, students, alumni and friends gather to welcome our December 2017 graduates to our Law Alumni/ae Association and the legal community! Our recent Distinguished Achievement Awards dinner was a smashing success, let’s continue the festivity! No charge as a way to express our thanks for all you’ve done in support of the law school and our graduates, but bring your business cards to enter drawings for some supremely good giveaways. This year, guests also will receive a token of our thanks to take with them.

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Call for 2018 Artists in Residence

Submission Deadline Monday, January 8, 2018, at noon

The Art Committee invites all artists connected to UNM – faculty, staff, students, alumni, and immediate relatives (spouses, domestic partners, children, siblings, and parents) – to submit images that showcase New Mexico on canvas or in print. For more information about eligibility, submission guidelines, and other important information, please visit the call for artists page.

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