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Many career services are available to Law School alumni. Alumni can take advantage of one-on-one career assistance with the Director; use of and feedback from various career assessment tools; access to materials in the Career & Student Services office, and assistance contacting other law schools through the use of reciprocity agreements. In addition, email postings and the Graduate Bulletin provide information about current jobs for graduates, both in New Mexico and out-of-state. For information about alumni services and for help with career issues, call Assistant Dean of Career & Student Services Heather Harrigan at (505) 277-1001.

How Alumni Can Help

The School’s career-oriented programs include workshops on job-search and networking skills, the annual Mock Interview Program, and other events that afford alumni a means of contributing to current events on campus. Graduates interested in participating in any of these efforts or developing and presenting their own workshops with assistance from Career Services are invited to contact Assistant Dean of Career & Student Services Heather Harrigan by email at or by phone at (505) 277-1001.

Job Listings

UNM School of Law alumni have access to restricted computer-based career search engines through their UNM Law School affiliation.

Restricted Sites

  • Lawmatch
    A private service that posts legal openings in the private sector.
  • NALP Directory of Legal Employers
    NALP is a national data base. The National Association for Law Placement has a number of services that are of value to alumni, including the NALP Directory of Legal Employers.
  • PSLawNet
    PSLawNet is a listing of public interest legal employers throughout the world. This site lists jobs, internships, and fellowships.
  • TWEN
    TWEN is a service of Westlaw. UNM alumni, using a Westlaw password supplied by our office, can access an electronic bulletin board of full and part-time jobs, fellowships, and other career opportunities.


Career Services posts jobs for alumni via an Email list and through a mailed bulletin. If you are a graduate and would like to be informed of job postings, please contact Career & Student Services at (505) 277-0028.

Alumni as Employers

If you are an employer and would like to post a job for an attorney please contact Career & Student Services at (505) 277-1001 or (505) 277-0028.


UNM law students or graduates who wish to obtain career services at another law school should read the Reciprocity Services Procedure.

Students or graduates of other law schools who are seeking reciprocal career counseling and placement services from UNM School of Law, should read the Reciprocity Policy Statement.

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