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Reciprocal Services Procedures for UNM Students

Any UNM law student who wishes to use the career resources services of another law school must first arrange for UNM School of Law to send the other school a reciprocity letter. These arrangements are handled by the Assistant Dean of Career Services. Once the UNM student is granted reciprocity by the other school, he or she may use its services according to the terms of its reciprocity policy.

Reciprocal Policy for Students and Graduates of Other Law Schools

The University of New Mexico School of Law Office of Career Services will work with students and graduates of other NALP member schools. Students and graduates of UNM Law School have priority in terms of career services assistance, but students and graduates from other schools who have been granted reciprocity will be able to use the Career Services library, and will have access to job listings as posted in our office. Career counseling will be available as time permits.

Normally, reciprocity is granted on a one-for-one exchange basis, and lasts for a period of three months, beginning on the date of the letter granting reciprocity, or on the date as requested in advance by the student. Renewal requires an updated request from the home law school. Services normally mirror those offered by those of the requesting school. Services are not provided during any period that the home school’s career services office would be closed to students of UNM.

Reciprocity is a privilege extended to visiting students and graduates, and the UNM Office of Career Services reserves the right to modify or terminate reciprocity status, with notice to the school and the individual requesting the services.

A request for reciprocity may be made by letter, fax, or Email, and should come from the Career Services official at the requesting school. It should be made in advance of a visit or request for career services assistance by the student or graduate. Requests should be directed to:

Heather Harrigan, Esq.
Assistant Dean of Career Services
UNM School of Law
MSC11 6070
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001
Fax: (505) 277-5024

Questions about the UNM Law School Career Services Reciprocity Policy may be directed to Heather Harrigan at (505) 277-1001 and Nancy Huffstutler, Coordinator of Career and Student Services at (505) 277-0028.