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Student Services

UNM School of Law assists students in imagining, planning, starting, or expanding professional careers. Although most graduates practice in traditional settings, such as law firms and government agencies, some work in alternative areas, which include non-legal fields. Whatever their career interests, students can expect individual attention. One-on-one assistance is among the many benefits of UNM's relatively small student body.

All career services are available to students or graduates of UNM School of Law. Students and graduates of other law schools are afforded some of these services, if their schools have agreed to reciprocate (See Reciprocity Policy Statement).

Events and Announcements

News of opportunities, fellowships, career fairs, and forums with attorneys is posted by email to students. Job postings are made available to students and graduates by way of an electronic bulletin board. To be included, call (505) 277-0028.

Individual Career Counseling

Students can schedule counseling appointments with Assistant Dean of Career Services Heather Harrigan to discuss any aspect of career development or job search, including related personal issues. An individual session might include:

  • personality assessment tools (useful in determining career direction and concentration)
  • assistance with resumes
  • job search documents
  • developing a placement plan

Mock Interview Program

This annual spring program simulates important real-life situations in a safe environment. Specifically, students hone job search skills through a half-hour mock interview with an attorney who is acting as an employer seeking to fill a vacancy. The exercise is one for which all participants prepare and dress the part. In the half hour following each round, the attorney gives feedback on the effectiveness of the student’s resume and interview. Attorneys are recruited for this program from the Young Lawyers Division of the State Bar. Thus, for the interviewers, the challenges of beginning a legal career are still fresh in mind.

Recruitment Interviews

Interviews for summer clerkship and full-time positions take place primarily in fall and spring. Although most interviews are conducted at the Law School, they may be arranged at employers’ offices, judges' chambers, or a requested location. Employers include representatives of law firms, legal services, businesses, and government agencies and public institutions such as federal, appellate, district, state, magistrate, municipal, and tribal courts.

To apply for positions, eligible students are told how to submit the appropriate information and how to schedule an interview. In almost all cases, students who wish to interview with an organization have an opportunity to do so. For further details and to schedule appointments, phone Assistant Dean of Career & Student Services Heather Harrigan at 277-1001.

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