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Symplicity is the industry-leading on-line recruiting tool maintained by the Office of Career Services.

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Symplicity is the industry-leading on-line recruiting tool maintained by the Office of Career Services. Symplicity provides our students with easy access to job listings, recruiting programs, job fairs, professional development resources, and a customized professional profile and calendar. More than half of the law schools in the country use Symplicity because of its capabilities and ease of use.

To Log-on to Symplicity

UNM Law Students:   

  1. Visit the Symplicity website:
  2. Enter your UNM law e-mail address as your Username and select “forgot password”.  An email will be sent to your UNM law email address with a link to Symplicity.  Click on the link.  You will be prompted to create a new password.  Once you have created a new password, you will be logged into Symplicity.
  3. Complete the personal and academic sections under the My Profile tab.
  4. Upload your resume to the My Documents tab.  Note that your default resume is searchable by the Office of Career Services and the Office of Student Services, and only those offices.  It is not viewable by faculty or other administrators.  It is also not viewable by employers. 
  5. Note that your profile and resume are the only systematic ways the Office of Career Services has to identify students by background and interest and to connect you to opportunities.  Be sure to update your profile and resume at least once a semester.  

UNM Law Alumni:  Email the Office of Career Services

Job Listings

Job listings for students and graduates are often received daily and posted online via Symplicity. Positions include local, regional and nationwide listings with government agencies, courts, law firms and public interest employers.

Recruiting Programs

Each year, employers participate in UNM Fall and Spring Recruiting, and interview students either on- or off-campus. These employers represent law firms, government agencies and public interest entities nationwide. UNM Law Fall and Spring Recruiting are run entirely through Symplicity.

Job Fairs

Career Services participates in specialty practice, minority, public interest and government job fairs nationwide. Please note that each job fair requires its own separate log-in information and may be managed through other organizations’ Symplicity sites.

UNM Law Advisor Directory

The Alumni Advisor Directory is a compilation of UNM Law alumni and friends who affirmatively volunteered to speak with students and fellow graduates about career issues. (You should ask these lawyers for advice, not simply employment.) To access the UNM Law Advisor Directory on Symplicity, after logging on, click on the “Networking” tab. You can then search the Directory by geographic area, practice area, or alphabetically.

Customized Professional Profile and Calendar

Students maintain a customized professional profile on Symplicity, which allows Career Services to better advise them regarding recruiting events and prospective employers. Also, students may use Symplicity’s calendar feature to manage their time and interview schedules.

Non-Discrimination Policy

The University of New Mexico School of Law is committed to providing equal educational opportunity and forbids discrimination. The School of Law maintains a policy of equal opportunity in legal employment without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, physical or mental handicap, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, ancestry, or medical condition. Career services at the School of Law are available only to employers whose policies are consistent with the foregoing policy.

Students and graduates who believe that an employer with an announcement on the UNM School of Law Career Services job listings or recruiting programs has violated the UNM Non-discrimination Policy should immediately notify the Office of Career Services.