Not-for-Profit Art Gallery

Current Exhibit: Student Artist Show

Friday, April 25,2014
4:30-6:00 p.m.
UNM School of Law

Free parking is available in the Law School parking lot after 4:00 p.m.

Hors d'ouevres and wine will be served and Johnny Alston, an Afro-Native American flutist, will play his free form, mesmerizing, peaceful music.

Eight student artists were selected for the exhibit: Kimiko Akiya, Noah Kessler De St.Croix, Christopher Dodd, Hooman Hedayati, Owen Kellum, Jonathan Lee, Lauren Alexa Marek and Heidi Todacheene. Six are law students, except for Noah Kessler De St.Croix, a Fine Arts major, and Lauren Alexa Marek, a Biochemistry major.

The show is scheduled to run through September 16th.

Art Gallery

Night Bloom, oil on canvas by Lauren Marek

Art Gallery

Alternant, Oil, graphite on yupo by Christopher Allen Dodd

Recent Media

Arts Talk with Sherri Burr and Art at the Law School Part 1 of 2

Arts Talk with Sherri Burr and Art at the Law School Part 2 of 2

UNM School of Law Art Gallery and Art Committee Chair Sherri Burr in the News

  • On March 25, the Law School's art gallery was featured in the Albuquerque Journal by Staff Writer Mike Bush titled, "Art at UNM Law School". Professor Sherri Burr, who chairs the Law School's Art Committee, is quoted sharing her enthusiasm for the gallery and understanding that art provides intellectual stimulation. The article includes interviews with 3 artists whose work is currently on view in the gallery.
  • Professor Burr was also interviewed in a blog by Teri Hillyard about National Federation of Press Women members called "Talking with Teri."

About the Gallery

The UNM School of Law Art Gallery features art of varied mediums from artists including students, faculty, alumni and friends of the law school and the university. Professor Sherri Burr, UNM Regents Professor, heads the UNM Law School's Art Committee and is host of ARTS TALK, a weekly television she produces and hosts. Aside from the intrinsic value of having art in the School of Law and the goal of funding a scholarship, Burr says there's another important reason for the art gallery: "An art enriched environment is conducive to learning."

See Professor Burr’s profile .