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Professor G. Emlen Hall

G. Emlen Hall

Emeritus Professor of Law
A.B. 1965, Princeton University
J.D. 1969, Harvard University
Member of the New Mexico Bar

Contact Information

 Ph.: 505-277-2866
 Office: 3246


Em Hall became an emeritus professor of law in 2007. He has focused his research and writing on the history of land and water in the Southwest in general and New Mexico in particular. He has written three books on the topic: Four Leagues of Pecos: A Legal History of the Pecos Grant from 1800 to 1936 (1984); High and Dry: The Texas-New Mexico Struggle for the Pecos River (2002), and Reining in the Rio Grande (with Phillips and Black) (2011).

Prior to joining the UNM law faculty in 1983, he spent seven years at the State Engineer's Office. During his time there, he wrote an administrative history of the Pecos River Compact from its inception in 1949 to 1974. This was the beginning of his research for "High and Dry."

When Hall first arrived in New Mexico in 1969, he wrote for and edited the New Mexico Review, a monthly investigative journal. He also practiced law in Pecos, where he lived, and served as village planner, attorney and municipal judge for the Village of Pecos. He has worked for Northern New Mexico Legal Services and the New Mexico Land Grant Demonstration Project.

Hall brings a background in water law and public land law, along with a lifetime interest in writing, to his teaching.

Courses Previously Taught

  • Advanced Writing in Natural Resources
  • Comparative & Historical Legal Perspectives
  • Federal Public Lands
  • Middle Rio Grande Water Resources
  • Natural Resources Journal
  • New Mexico Grants and Acequias
  • Property I
  • Water Law


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