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Professor Frederick M. Hart

Frederick M. Hart

Emeritus Professor of Law
B.S. 1951
J.D. 1955, Georgetown University
LL.M. 1956, New York University
Member of the New Mexico, New York, and District of Columbia Bars

Contact Information

 Ph.: 505-277-4737
 Fax: 505-277-1597
 Office: 3124


Fred Hart contributes an expertise in contracts and commercial law to the UNM law faculty, but he is best known throughout the law school community for his role in shaping the school during his 37 years on the faculty, including two terms as dean.

Shortly after arriving at the law school, he was asked to start up a pre-law summer program aimed at increasing the enrollment of Native American law students. The Pre-law Summer Institute has become the most successful program of its kind in the country.

As dean, from 1971-1979 and 1985-1986, he worked to bring in a more diverse student body, increasing the number of women law students. Under his leadership, a smaller student-faculty ratio was attained and the law-school experience became more amicable than adversarial, a distinction that remains unique to the UNM law school.

Hart has taught Commercial Law, Contracts, Property, Legal Reasoning, Research and Writing and Consumer Law. Prior to joining the UNM law faculty, he taught at Boston College Law School, New York University School of Law and the Albany Law School of Union University. He also has taught as a visitor at Hofstra University Law School, the University of California at Davis Law School and Saint John's University Law School.

He is the author of an eight-volume treatise entitled Forms and Procedures Under the Uniform Commercial Code and a three-volume treatise entitled Negotiable Instruments Under the Uniform Commercial Code.

Hart has been active in the Law School Admission Council for more than 30 years. Most of those years, he has served on the Test Development and Research Committee. He was president of the council for two years.

Hart has also served on the Law School Accreditation Committee of the Section on Legal Education of the American Bar Association and on several other committees of the section. He has been on a number of committees of the Association of American Law Schools, and is active in the work of the Council on Legal Education Opportunity and the Council on Legal Education for Professional Responsibility.

Despite being emeritus status, he regularly teaches contracts, commercial law and practicum and typically teaches half-time every school year.

Books and Contributions to Books

Commercial Paper Under the Uniform Commercial Code [3 vols.], [1972 (vol. 1), 1983 ( vol. 2), 1998 ( vol. 3)] (updated twice each year with new chapters, revised chapters and new pocket-parts) (co-authored with William F. Willier).

Uniform Commercial Code Reporter-Digest (Matthew Bender & Co.) [1965 (vol. 1) & successive vols. thereafter (presently 15 vols.)] (co-edited with Robert J. Desiderio & William F. Willier).

Forms and Procedures Under the Uniform Commercial Code (9 vols.) [1963 (vol. 1) & successive vols. thereafter] (updated twice each year with new chapters, revised chapters and new pocket-parts) (co-authored with William F. Willier).

Drafting Techniques Under the Uniform Commercial Code (1962).

Uniform Commercial Code Coordinator (1960) (co-authored with William F. Willier).

A Student's Guide to Sales, Letters of Credit and Documents of Title (1987) (co-authored with Robert Laurence).

A Student's Guide to Secured Transactions, Bulk Transfers and Bankruptcy (1985) (co-authored with Robert Laurence).

Creditor's Rights, in Community Property Law in the United States (1982).

The Origins of Legal Education, in Professional Education in the United States: Experimental Learning, Issues and Prospects (Soloman Hoberman & Sidney Malick eds., 1994).

Key Parameters of the Clinical Method of Study, in Professional Education in the United States: Experimental Learning, Issues and Prospects ( Soloman Hoberman & Sidney Malick eds., 1994) (co-authored with J. Michael Norwood).


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