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Professor Ted Occhialino

Ted Occhialino

Emeritus Professor of Law
B.A. 1964, Siena College
J.D. 1967, Georgetown University
Member of the New Mexico and New York Bars

Contact Information

 Ph.: 505-277-3017
 Office: 3122


Ted Occhialino graduated from Georgetown University Law Center in 1967, and immediately turned to teaching. After a year as a teaching fellow at Boston College Law School, he then taught at Syracuse University College of Law until joining the UNM law faculty in 1977. He has focused his teaching and writing on civil procedure and torts. He also frequently teaches Continuing Legal Education programs and is a long-time member of the New Mexico Supreme Court's Rules of Civil Procedure Committee. Both of his daughters are graduates of the UNM School of Law and his son is a graduate of Northeastern University Law School.

Although he took emeritus status in 2012, he continues to teach half-time at the law school.




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