Madrid Summer Law Institute

Tuition, Fees & Payment

The tuition to attend the four-week Madrid Summer Law Institute is $3,600 regardless of the number of courses or credit hours taken by a student. A student must enroll for at least two semester credit hours and may not enroll for more than five semester credit hours. A student enrolled in the Madrid Summer Law Institute will not receive a tuition reduction based on the number of courses or credit hours taken at the Institute.

  • Application Fee $100 (not refundable if accepted, unless course credit is denied or student is unable to secure necessary financial aid by date of withdrawal deadline)
  • Tuition $3,600
  • Total (tuition and fees) for four-week component $3,700

Students attending The University of New Mexico or the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos should consult the program coordinator at their school regarding payment and tuition information.


Make checks, bank drafts, or postal money orders payable to the University of New Mexico Madrid Summer Law Institute. Visa and MasterCard payments are also accepted.

Tuition/Program Fee Refund

No tuition/program fee refund will be given for a reduced course load. Students who withdraw in writing by midnight (Albuquerque time) May 25 will receive a full refund of the tuition. No application fees will be refunded to accepted students (except as otherwise stated above). No part of the tuition will be refunded to students withdrawing after midnight May 25.

Adding/Dropping Courses

Courses may be dropped or added until 2 p.m. (Madrid time) on June 4. There is an administrative fee of $50 per course added or dropped. This fee is not refundable. Students may add a course only if course materials and space are available, which may be difficult. Students may not add a course after this deadline.

Students who formally drop a course prior to 2 p.m. (Madrid time )June 4 will not receive a grade or course notation from the Institute. Nothing will appear on a UNM student's academic records and nothing will be reported to a non-UNM student's home institution.

Students who formally drop a course after 2 p.m. (Madrid time) June 4 must obtain permission of the instructor. Students will receive a grade of "WP" for "Withdrawal Passing" or "WF" for "Withdrawal Failing." The instructor will assign withdrawal grades.

Students who do not formally drop a course or take the exam will receive a failing grade.

Anticipated Living Costs and Other Expected Expenses

Additional costs students enrolled in the Institute can expect to incur include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Housing and Meals: $1,200
  • Textbooks: $260
  • Airfare to Spain: $1,400
  • Local Transportation: $80
  • Miscellaneous Personal Expenses: $300
  • Health Insurance: $50

That's a total cost (with tuition and fees) of just under $7,000 to live and study in Western Europe. We believe a student can live comfortably within this budget. Obviously, costs will vary depending on your personal choices.


The Madrid Summer Law Institute reserves the right to change or cancel the program for reasons beyond its control. It also reserves the right to cancel any individual courses due to insufficient enrollment, or to make adjustments in class meeting times or to substitute faculty due to emergencies. Should cancellation of the program occur, the program director will use best efforts to locate a similar program, if the student so desires, and all money advanced by a student will be refunded within 20 days.


If a change is made in the course offerings or other significant aspects of the program, such changes will be communicated promptly to all applicants who have paid a deposit and an opportunity will be provided to obtain a full refund of all monies paid.