New Mexico TreesRequirements for Class of 2013 or later

21 credits that include:

  • Mandatory Core Courses:
    • Either Administrative Law or Environmental Law.
    • Either Natural Resources Law or Water Law.
  • Mandatory: A paper on a natural resources or environmental law topic, which fulfills the "seminar paper" portion of the law school's writing requirement. The Natural Resources Committee will identify particular seminars for which any completed paper will be recognized for the certificate; a paper written for another seminar may qualify, but only with the approval of the Committee.
  • Mandatory: satisfactory completion of at least two of the following:
    • An externship in the natural resources or environmental field.
    • Natural Resources Journal membership (six credits total).
    • A Committee-approved, non-law graduate level course on a natural resources/environmental topic.
    • Moot court related to natural resources/environmental issues.
    • Independent study in natural resources/environmental issues.
    • A Committee-approved drafting course related to natural resources/environmental issues.
  • Additional courses
    • See list of courses approved by the Natural Resources Committee. Introduction to Natural Resources and Environmental Law is an approved course, but not a mandatory core course. If the student can demonstrate to the committee that he/she has taken an equivalent law school class, these requirements may be waived.
    • With prior approval from the Natural Resources Committee, graduate-level courses from other UNM departments may satisfy as many as six (6) hours of the course requirements.