Law School Events

Tax Lawyers Share Advice

Tax Lawyers Share AdviceWhat makes one want to become a tax lawyer was one of the questions addressed by a panel of tax lawyers during a lunchtime event sponsored by the Tax Law Club. Panelists also talked about their profession and offered advice to students who attended the presentation.

The event was sponsored by the New Mexico Trial Lawyers Student Association and the National Italian American Bar Association.

A Comfortable Conversation

Comfortable ConversationRecognizing the challenges and stress of getting through law school, last fall a handful of students and faculty members organized the first Comfortable Conversation, during which law students were encouraged to talk about how they might live out their core values as a lawyer.

Guest speakers were Tara Ford, Jennifer Landau (`06) and Hilary Tompkins, all of whom shared how they balance their career with their personal ideals.

The get-together was a complement to the Student Guidebook, which was assembled by UNM law students to help entering students navigate their way through the stress of their first semester. More Comfortable Conversations are planned.

Sponsoring the gathering were the UNM Association of Public Interest Law, 13 law students, Dean Suellyn Scarnecchia and Laura Gómez, associate dean for faculty development.

DOJ Lawyer Talks About Surveillance

FISA CourtJonathan W. Gannon, a lawyer with the U.S. Department of Justice, discussed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA), established by the U.S. Congress to consider U.S. government requests for electronic surveillance, during a talk at the UNM School of Law.

As a lawyer in the department's National Security Division, Gannon appears regularly before FISA. He provided factual information about the court and the laws under which it operates. He also talked about the legality of the nation's Terrorist Surveillance Program and the Protect America Act, an amendment to FISA passed by Congress last August and sunsetting in February 2008.