Class of 2008 Honors and Awards

LexisNexis Award for Top Three Students

Kristina Fisher, first
Nat Chakeres, second
Patrick Redmond, third

Julia Raymond McCulloch Memorial Award for Excellence in Constitutional Law

Nat Chakeres

Judge Oliver Seth Award for Excellence in Alternative Dispute Resolution

Ed Mazel

A.H. McLeod Prize for Skill in Advocacy

Stephen Lane
Heather Massoth
Robert Sanchez

Lewis R. Sutin Award for Excellence

Cassandra Malone

American Society of Law, Medicine and Ethics Health Law Student Award

Martin Guerrero

Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award

Brandon Huss

Frederick M. Hart Prize for Excellence in Commercial Law

Marshall Ray

Tort Scholar Award

Josh Allison

Health Law Scholar Award

Alexis Carver
Carrie Snow

Mary Beth and W. Richard West, Jr., Award for Excellence in Indian Law

Laura Oropeza
Sean Saiz

Tribal Law Journal Certificates

Laura Oropeza, managing editor
Rebecca Parish, managing editor
Christina Kracher, special projects editor

Indian Law Certificates

Reed Easterwood
Nellisa Kennedy
Christina Kracher
Laura Oropeza
James Michael Osborn
Rebecca Parish
Victoria Rodriguez
Samantha Ruscavage-Barz

Michael B. Browde Award for Excellence in Constitutional Law

Jared DeJong

Award for Excellence in Family Law

Amanda Pagan

American College of Bankruptcy Award for the 10th Circuit

Maya Anderson

Thomson West Group Award for Domestic Relations Law

Emily Freedman

American Bankruptcy Institute Medal for Excellence in Bankruptcy Studies

Ed Mazel

Hugh B. Muir Prize for Academic Excellence in Tax Law

Jeanine Steffy

Irwin Stern Moise Award for Legal and Judicial Ethics

Nat Chakeres

Judge Oliver Seth Award in Ethics

Frieda Simons

Award for Excellence in the Study of Intellectual Property Law

Isaac Estrada

National Association of Women Lawyer's Award

Vanessa Chavez

Freedman, Boyd, Hollander, Goldberg & Ives Prize for Excellence in Criminal Law

Keith Blake

Award for Excellence in International and Comparative Law

Francisco Perez

ALI/ABA Scholarship Award

Danielle Cantrell

Jerrold L. Walden Memorial Award

Erin Olson

Sheehan, Sheehan & Stelzner Award for the Pursuit of Excellence

Amanda Pagan

Faculty Award

Ed Perea
Marshall Ray
Gabrielle Roybal

Margaret Keiper Dailey Award

Francisco Perez

New Mexico Law Review Certificates

Nat Chakeres, editor-in-chief
Megan Duffy, managing editor
Juan Marquez, Jr., managing editor
Jared DeJong, student articles editor
Robert Sanchez, Jr., student articles editor
Jeremy Harrison, professional articles editor
Marshall Ray, professional articles editor
Maya Anderson, manuscript editor
Danielle Cantrell, manuscript editor
Reed Easterwood, manuscript editor
Robert Lucero, Jr., manuscript editor
Carrie Snow, manuscript editor

Albert E. Utton Natural Resources Law Award

Samantha Ruscavage-Barz
Patrick Redmond

Hon. Pete Domenici Award for Excellence in Environmental Law

Kristina Fisher

Natural Resources Certificates

Kristina Fisher
Kristopher Houghton
Nellisa Kennedy
Patrick Redmond

Natural Resources Journal Certificates

Kristina Fisher, editor-in-chief
Dean Manglona, coordinating/processing editor
Frieda Simons, coordinating/processing editor
Jennifer Benoit, lead articles editor
Mark Bolton, lead articles editor
Isaac Estrada, lead articles editor
Christina Gooch, lead articles editor
Kristopher Houghton, lead articles editor
Cassandra Malone, lead articles editor
Patrick Redmond, lead articles editor
Amy Williams, lead articles editor

Clinical Honors

Josh Allison
Terri Nicole Baca
Aja Brooks
Stephen Cash
David Cechanowicz
Megan Duffy
Christina Gooch
Jeremy Harrison
Francine Hatch
Tuesday Kaasch
Michael Lane
Robert Lucero

Clinical Legal Association Outstanding Student Award

Kristina Fisher

Dean's Awards

Christina Gooch
Nelissa Kennedy
Karen Naylor
James Michael Osborn
Juan Marquez, Jr.
Samantha Ruscavage-Barz
Aubrey Dunn
Isaac Estrada
Robert Matteucci, Jr.
Kristina Fisher
Nat Chakeres
Rebecca Parish
Laura Oropeza
Robert Lara