A Busy Year for the SBA

A Busy Year for the SBAUnder the leadership of President Ed Perea, the UNM School of Law's Student Bar Association broke new ground during the 2007-2008 school year.

Beginning a year ago, student leaders received training from local professionals, lawyers and community leaders and throughout the school year, this interaction continued during informal discussions and lunch.

Some new initiatives begun during the past year included lunches with district court judges who volunteered to share their unique perspectives and the Accepted Applicants Mentorship Program, which connected early-admitted applicants with a law student as early as February of the year before their first year to help prepare future colleagues for law school. The SBA created an opportunity for incoming first-year students to meet future classmates and ask any last-minute questions before the school's formal orientation.

For the first time, prior to the state Legislature, law students were able to promote their needs, including finding a way to secure low-interest loans for law students, to the UNM administration.

The Honor Code Review Committee was established to review the current code of conduct and will make recommendations for a more professional organization.

In an email to the students prior to commencement, Perea wrote, "The torch has been passed, so from those of us preparing to move on, I thank you for the incredible year and for being part of a strong and vibrant law school community."