Understanding the Financial Crisis

The Panels & Panelists

Panel 1: How the crisis started: (11:00 AM - 11:40 AM)

Possible Topics: How subprime mortgage lending led to foreclosures and losses on mortgage-backed securities (and bank failures - see Panel 2). An explanation of ARM mortgages, securitization, and derivatives (e.g., credit default swaps) and their role in the crisis. What was the role of regulation or deregulation in the crisis?
Moderator: Erik Gerding (Law)
Panelists: Phil Ganderton (Economics), Allen Parkman (Anderson Schools)

Panel 2: How the credit crunch worsened, the bailout, and other government interventions: (11:45 AM - 12:25 PM)

Possible topics: How did the drop in mortgage-backed securities lead to the failure of financial institutions? How did the failure of some institutions threaten other institutions, even in other countries? Was the bailout plan necessary? Was it a good idea? Why did it morph into other forms of government intervention (direct government investment in banks) mere days later? Will these interventions work? Who will pay for them?
Moderator: Christine Sauer (Economics)
Panelists: Don Coes (Economics), Matias Fontenla (Economics)

Panel 3: Politics, Press and the Crisis (12:30 PM - 1:10 PM)

Possible Topics: What are the effects of the crisis on the presidential and congressional races? Will this crisis cause lasting shifts in the political landscape? How has the press handled coverage of the crisis? Has it been too focused on political winners and losers? What were, and what are, the politics of regulation of consumer financial protection or financial markets? What are the politics of the bailout and other government responses?
Moderator: Margaret Montoya (Law)
Panelists: Louis Caldera (Law), Michael Rocca (Political Science), Michael Rocca (Political Science), Richard Schaefer (Communications & Journalism)

Panel 4: How is New Mexico affected? What will the regulatory response be? What should it be? (1:15 PM - 1:55 PM)

Possible topics: How are foreclosures affecting New Mexico communities? How is the credit crunch affecting New Mexico businesses and workers? What are Federal and State policymakers doing to regulate consumer finance and financial institutions? What should they do? Who is to blame? What is the role of the Community Reinvestment Act?
Panelists: Fred Hart (Law), Alfred Mathewson (Law), Karen Meyers (NM Attorney General's Office), Maria Velez (Sociology), Lawrence Waldman (NM Bureau of Business and Economic Research)

Panel 5: The Crisis and Pensions, Social Security, and Senior Citizens (2:00 PM – 2:40 PM) NEW! - TENTATIVE - PENDING CONFIRMATION

Possible topics: How has the financial crisis affected pensions and retirement plans? Should pension laws be rewritten to encourage greater diversification? Is Social Security privatization dead? If Americans already save too little for retirement, will this crisis only make the problem worse? How can retirement savings and wealth creation be encouraged without individuals taking on too much risk? How are the credit crunch and housing market slump affecting senior citizens?
Moderator: Nathalie Martin (Law)
Panelists: Angelica Anaya Allen (Senior Citizen Law Center), Scott Findley (Economics), Mary Pareja (Law)