UNM Graduates Impressive with 100 Percent Bar Exam Passage

UNM GraduationFor the first time in the modern history of the UNM School of Law, every recent graduate taking the New Mexico Bar Exam for the first time passed.

"These graduates have raised the standard," says UNM Registrar Pat Trainor. "Now the pressure is on for the rest of the class to keep up with them at the July exam."

In general, most UNM School of Law graduates remain in New Mexico to begin their practice of law. Last year, the 16 graduates who took the exam for the first time in February 2008 had an 81 percent passage rate. That was followed in July with a 94 percent passage rate of the 72 UNM law graduates. The passage rate for non-UNM law graduates taking the July 2008 exam for the first time was 90 percent.

The Bar Exam is a rite of passage, the final exam students must take, and pass, before they can practice law. In New Mexico, the exam is offered twice a year.

"Our graduates always pass at a higher rate than the overall group of test-takers, usually
around 90 percent, but 100 percent is amazing," says UNM School of Law Dean Leo Romero. "The education we provide our students prepares them well for the practice of law, and their success rate on the bar exam confirms their preparation."