IPL's Beth Gillia Presents at National Children's Advocacy Conference

Beth GilliaBeth Gillia ('97), senior attorney at the Children's Law Center of the Institute of Public Law (IPL), recently joined former UNM Law Professor Raquel Montoya-Lewis in delivering a presentation at the 32nd annual conference of the National Association of Counsel for Children in New York City. The title of their talk was, "Closing the Circle: Bringing Home the Promises of the Indian Child Welfare Act."

The National Association of Counsel for Children is a nonprofit child advocacy and professional membership association that is dedicated to providing high quality legal representation for children through legal advocacy.

At the UNM School of Law's IPL, Gillia develops and provides training, resources and technical assistance to judges, lawyers and others involved in the child welfare system. Montoya-Lewis is the chief judge of the Lummi Nation Tribal Court and is also on the faculty at Western Washington University where she teaches law-related courses.

Presentation Proposal