IPL Conducts Ethics Training for State Human Rights Commission

Judi OleanJudi Olean ('83) provided an educational session on allowable actual damages to the New Mexico Human Rights Commission as it met at the UNM School of Law. Olean is an on-call senior attorney for the Institute of Public Law, which provided training through the Judicial Education Center (JEC) for the commission during its regular annual meeting. IPL Director and Research Professor Paul Biderman conducted a session on ethics.

"IPL often assists state agencies in this way, drawing on JEC’s experience and resources in judicial education, to help ensure that they provide first-rate services," says Biderman. "It's especially important for the Human Rights Commission because its members often serve as hearing officers in disputes."

Judi Olean and Steven VigilIn addition to the eight commissioners in attendance, Stephen Vigil ('07) was on hand in his role as an assistant attorney general for New Mexico.