Preparing for the Future Through Mock Interviews

Kevin Gick interviews Les RomaineOn a recent Saturday morning, UNM law students showed up at school in suits and heels for the annual UNM Law/YLD Mock Interview Program. They were ushered into offices and interviewed by members of the State Bar as if applying for a job. The simulation enables students to gain real-life experience in a safe environment. Afterward, the participating lawyers and a federal judge provided feedback.

"The mock interview program is one of YLD’s longest-running and most enjoyable community service projects," says Martha Chicoski, acting chair of the State Bar Young Lawyers Division, which co-sponsored the Mock Interview Program along with the law school. She also served as co-chair of the event. "The program assists law students with interview skills and resume presentation in a unique, low-pressure situation, which enables them to get feedback on the spot. It also provides attorney volunteers a fun and meaningful opportunity to give back to the community."

This year, 23 lawyers and U.S. District Judge James Browning volunteered.

"It was a great experience and nice to get feedback on what to expect and to learn what potential employers expect from applicants, resumes and cover letters," says Les Romaine, a 1L, who interviewed with Kevin Gick (`08), now working in the Albuquerque office of Jackson Lewis.