Class of 2009 Honors and Awards

LexisNexis Award for Top Three Students

Tiffany Dowell, first
Sally Paez, second
Neil Bell, third

Julia Raymond McCulloch Memorial Award for Excellence in Constitutional Law

Shoshanah Epstein

Judge Oliver Seth Award for Excellence in Alternative Dispute Resolution

Julianna Koob

A.H. McLeod Prize for Skill in Advocacy

Justin Gonzalez

Lewis R. Sutin Award for Excellence

Steven Armstrong

Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award

Kevin Pierce

Frederick M. Hart Prize for Excellence in Commercial Law

Katrina Richards

Tort Scholar Award

Tiffany Dowell

Health Law Scholar Award

Julianna Koob
Kevin Pierce

Mary Beth and W. Richard West, Jr., Award for Excellence in Indian Law

Gertrude Lee

Tribal Law Journal Certificates

Eduardo Provencio, managing editor
Gertrude Lee, professional articles editor
Heather Jaramillo, professional articles editor
Kristen Sanderson, student articles editor
DeAnza Valencia Sapien, special editor
Jocelyn Garrison, special projects editor
Lauren Koller, media editor/articles editor
Jacob Keyes, web editor/articles editor
Carrie Martell, Tribal Court Handbook editor

Indian Law Certificates

Erin Garcia
Jocelyn Garrison
Jacob Keyes
Gertrude Lee
Carrie Martell
Eduardo Provencio
Kristin Sanderson
Jonathan Tsosie

Michael B. Browde Award for Excellence in Constitutional Law

Tiffany Dowell
Christina Sheehan

Award for Excellence in Family Law

Jennifer Rodriguez Rodgers

Thomson West Group Award for Domestic Relations Law

Jennifer Rodriguez Rodgers

American Bankruptcy Institute Medal for Excellence in Bankruptcy Studies

Christopher Gatton

Hugh B. Muir Prize for Academic Excellence in Tax Law

Douglas Neill Benton

Irwin Stern Moise Award for Legal and Judicial Ethics

Shona Zimmerman-Burnett

Judge Oliver Seth Award in Ethics

Allison Endicott

Award for Excellence in the Study of Intellectual Property Law

Katherine Fitz Gibbon
Ryan Davidson

National Association of Women Lawyer's Award

Carrie Martell

Freedman, Boyd, Hollander, Goldberg & Ives Prize for Excellence in Criminal Law

Emma Boawn

Award for Excellence in International and Comparative Law

James Moffitt

ALI/ABA Award for Excellent Scholarship and Leadership

Neil Bell

Jerrold L. Walden Memorial Award

Quela Robinson
DeAnza Valencia Sapien

Sheehan, Sheehan & Stelzner Award for the Pursuit of Excellence

Patricia Rivera Crouch

Faculty Award

Leon Howard
Chris Lucero

Margaret Keiper Dailey Award

Shoshanah Epstein

New Mexico Law Review Certificates

Neil Bell, editor-in-chief
Erin Garcia, managing editor
Daniel Alsup, managing editor
David Gabriele Gordon, professional articles editor
Kyle Wackenheim, professional articles editor
Jaclyn McLean, student articles editor
Kevin Pierce, student articles editor
Megan Mares Kalm, manuscript editor
Koo Im Tong, manuscript editor
Jonathan Tsosie, manuscript editor
Shona Zimmerman-Burnett, manuscript editor

Albert E. Utton Natural Resources Law Award

Sally Paez
Adam Rankin

Hon. Pete Domenici Award for Excellence in Environmental Law

Kristin Casper

Natural Resources Certificates

Justin Behar
Kristin Casper
Sally Paez
Adam Rankin

Natural Resources Journal Certificates

Sally Paez, editor-in-chief
Adam Rankin, editor-in-chief
Madeleine Coleman, managing editor
Dahlia Dorman, managing editor
Tiffany Dowell, managing editor
Luke Salganek, managing editor
Justin Behar, lead articles editor
Timothy Christopher Callaway, lead articles editor
Douglas Carver, lead articles editor
Kristin Casper, lead articles editor
Josh Eden, lead articles editor
Kelly Huddleston, lead articles editor
Patrick Schaefer, lead articles editor

Clinical Honors

Steven Armstrong
Dahlia Dorman
Kymberleigh Dougherty
Erin Garcia
Monnica Garcia
Daniela Gonzalez
Carrie Martell
Stormy Ralstin
Michael Smith
Kevin Soules
Zachary Taylor
Shona Zimmerman-Burnett

Clinical Legal Association Outstanding Student Award

Gertrude Lee

Dean's Awards

Widu Abate
Terry Aguilar
Daniel Alsup
David Gordon
Megan Mares Kalm
Carolina Ramos
Deborah Stambaugh
Kelly Stout
Sherisse Summers
Koo Im Tong
Jonathan Tsosie
Kyle Wackenheim

Writing Competition Awards

Raymond W. Schowers Prize

Kevin Pierce

Helen S. Carter Prize

Katherine Fitz Gibbon