Sen. Bingaman Inspires at Commencement 2009

Sen. Jeff BingamanU.S. Sen. Jeff Bingaman congratulated and inspired members of the Class of 2009 during a Commencement ceremony on May 16.

In a speech buffeted about by blustery winds that often threatened to uncap the graduates, Bingaman shared his wisdom. "Lawyering is an honorable and essential profession, with a rich history of contributions to our society," he said. "Put another way, lawyers feel a responsibility not only to their client, but to something greater."

His second point: "Remember that you could be wrong. Question the assumptions you make. Listen to your opponents’ arguments as carefully as you listen to your own. Take care that your zealous advocacy does not drown out the greater truth."

Thirdly: "Because of your legal training, you have immense potential to do good and contribute to society." Pointing out a plethora of needs in society, he encouraged the graduates to apply their new legal skills, especially in public service.

"I have no doubt that 41 years from now, the person standing at this podium will speak some of your names to honor what you have done," he concluded.

The evening before commencement, members of the Class of 2009 received a variety of honors and awards for their achievements during law school.

Text of Commencement Speech