IPL Conducts Water Adjudication Study

IPL Director Paul BidermanAt the request of the New Mexico Legislature, the Institute of Public Law has begun gathering reactions of water users on proposals to reform the process for water rights adjudications. Six forums will be held statewide with stakeholders to familiarize them with the current system and inform them of procedures in other states. Their comments and suggestions, along with reactions by experts, will be presented to legislative interim committees on Aug. 1.

The request came in Senate Joint Memorial 3, passed by both chambers of the 2009 Legislature, to help evaluate criticisms that the New Mexico water adjudication system is too lengthy and expensive.

"IPL is honored to have been called upon to report to the Legislature the opinions of the public on this vital issue," says IPL Director Paul Biderman. "Equitable and prudent allocation of water rights is an increasingly challenging concern for the state. It is critical that our legal system for allocating those rights fully considers the interests and values of the stakeholders."