Professor Jennifer Moore's New Book Looks at African Conflicts

Professor Jenny Moore Professor Jennifer Moore has begun work on a manuscript entitled, Humanitarian Law in Action on the African Continent, which will explore the fundamentals of public international law most relevant to collective responses to armed conflict on that continent.

After exploring these fundamentals, Moore will introduce and discuss four sub-fields of international law, which have particular relevance to armed conflict. They are: international humanitarian law, international human rights law, international refugee law and international criminal law.

She also will offer an analysis of specific mechanisms for engaging international law in the realities of armed conflict. To illustrate her analysis, she will draw on a number of conflict situations worldwide. The last portion of the book will be devoted to case studies drawn from conflicts in three African countries: Uganda, Sierra Leone and Burundi.

"While this text will strive to ground theory in practice, it will not shy away from the hopeful dimensions of international law. Through a deeper examination of the visionary aspects of international law, we may better judge which of these goals are most worthy of implementation and amenable to it," says Moore.

Moore has focused her scholarship and fieldwork in the area of international human rights and refugee law and teaches a variety of courses that include international law, refugee and asylum law, human rights and immigration law.

The book is scheduled for publication in late 2010 by Oxford University Press.