Arts Talk on the Air Throughout May

Sherri BurrProfessor Sherri Burr recently concluded the 11th season of Arts Talk, a cable-access television show that provides students in her Art and Entertainment Law classes a hands-on opportunity to assist in television production. Students draft legal documents, such as release agreements for guests to sign, secure guests for the show and help with all aspects of production.

Burr created the television show, in which she interviews artists, entertainers and publicists, during a visiting professorship at the University of Hawaii. When she returned to the UNM School of Law, she brought the show with her and it has been broadcast on Channel 27 since the fall of 1999.

"My goal was to provide law students a chance to get to know some of the artists they may eventually represent and to expose them to television production, which they may eventually have to protect," she says.

Through the years, her guests have included cellist Yo-Yo Ma, entertainment lawyer Johnnie Cochran and New Mexico authors Rudolfo Anaya and Max Evans. In the photo, Burr is interviewing Robert Mirabal, an internationally recognized Taos Pueblo musician.

The show will air on Thursdays throughout May at 10 p.m. on Channel 27. The schedule is as follows:

  • May 7: Thadd Turner on writing and filming the life of Wild Bill Hickok
  • May 14: Missy Penor and Lee Stranaham on publicizing the New Mexico Film Industry
  • May 21: Frederick Gooding ('00) on race in the media
  • May 28: Robert Mirabal on the musician's life