Summer Law Course at German Castle to Examine Nuremberg Trials

German Castle at NurembergProfessor Antoinette Sedillo Lopez will co-teach in a UNM summer program during the summer semester at the Schloss Dyck Castle in Germany’s picturesque Rhine country. Students will receive three law-school credits for her course and three non-law school credits for the companion course. (The non-law school credits may apply toward the law degree with prior approval). The program theme is, The Ministry of Illusion: From Weimar to Nuremberg, and will focus on the time leading up to World War II and the Nuremberg Trials.

The program is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

During the first half of the program, Jason Wilby, a visiting professor of German in the UNM Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, will teach Myths, Dreams, Illusions: Ideology and the Cultural Reproduction of Reality. The class will visit both Berlin and the historic city of Weimar, including a trip to the Buchenwald concentration camp. While in Berlin, students will explore the German Kinemathek (museum of film) and several historical sites.

Professor Sedillo Lopez will lead the second half of the program, titled, The Nuremberg Trials, during which students will have the opportunity to visit Nuremberg, the site of huge Nazi rallies and also the location of the Palace of Justice where the historic Nuremberg trials were held. The International Military Trials conducted in Nuremberg marked the first time that individuals were tried and convicted for crimes against humanity. The trials have left a legacy on bioethics, international criminal law and procedure and international institutions.

The summer program is being sponsored by the UNM International Studies Institute.