Mexican Diplomat Completes Study of U.S. Law at UNM School of Law

Dean Kevin Washburn presents Mexican diplomat Rocío Vázquez Álvarez with a certificate for completing a year-long program at the UNM School of Law where she learned about the United States legal system. Lic. Gustavo de Unánue Aguirre, the Consul of Mexico in Albuquerque, looks on in the photo.

Daniel Ortega, director of the program, also was involved in the ceremony, held recently at the Mexican Consulate in Albuquerque. In addition to members of the consulate, well-wishers included New Mexico State District Court Judge Ross Sánchez, along with Kari Converse ('85) and Steve McCue with the Federal Public Defenders Office, with whom Vásquez interned during the year. Incoming diplomat Fernando de la Mora Salcedo also attended.

The program was established in 1989 under an agreement signed by Mexican Secretary of Foreign Relations Fernando Solana and UNM President Gerald May. The purpose is to enhance the ability of Mexican diplomats to understand and analyze U.S. legal matters that arise routinely in their work at Mexican consulates across the U.S.