Law School Honors Gene Franchini in Remembrance Ceremony

Gene Franchini“If getting a job and keeping the job becomes more important than doing the job, then the job is not worth having.” Franchini, retired justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court and a champion of moral values, lived by those words, which now grace a plaque hung outside Room 2401, where he died unexpectedly in November 2009.

Franchini’s widow, Glynnie, hung the plaque during a ceremony to honor her husband and the many contributions he made to the UNM School of Law. She was joined by family and friends, including William Vance, a retired justice of the Texas Court of Appeals, Raymond Sanchez (`67), president of the UNM Board of Regents and Karl Johnson, an Albuquerque lawyer, each of whom shared memories during the event.

Franchini died inside Room 2401 guest lecturing to the entire first-year class of more than 100 law students, as he did every year. He had been regaling the students with his personal stories and convictions when he collapsed.

Retired Justice Franchini Dies During Annual Lecture

Franchini  Franchini Ceremony