NM Supreme Court Schedules Albuquerque Hearings

New Mexico Supreme CourtThe New Mexico Supreme Court has scheduled two hearings at the Court of Appeals Pamela B. Minzner Law Center on April 13. UNM law students are encouraged to attend the oral arguments, which begin at 9 a.m. and are open to the public. The second hearing will begin at the conclusion of the first one.

Following are the details of the first case:
State of New Mexico, plaintiff-respondent represented by Gary K. King (`83) and Andrew S. Montgomery


Erica Rivera, defendant-petitioner represented by Hugh W. Dangler (`88) and JK Theodosia Johnson (`06)

Defendant-petitioner challenges the admission into evidence of the contents of a package that was opened without a warrant. Plaintiff-respondent contends that the package was opened by the employees of a private shipping company, and can therefore be admitted.

Plaintiff-Respondent’s Brief in Chief
Defendant-Petitioner’s Answer Brief
Plaintiff-Respondent's Reply Brief

Following are the details of the second case:
Lori Keith, personal representative of the estate of Barbara Barber, plaintiff-petitioner, represented by Alice Tomlinson Lorenz (`79), Robin A. Goble (`93), Michael B. Browde, Carl J. Bettinger (`90), Steven J. Leibel, and Michael A. Gross (`79)


Manorcare, Inc., defendant-respondent, represented by Emil J. Keine, Sylvia H. Walbot and Matthew J. Conigliaro

Plaintiff-petitioner seeks to have overruled a Court of Appeals ruling that the trial court judge’s actions, in not allowing the defendant-respondent’s assertions, consisted of summary judgment, rather than judicial estoppel, and the trial court’s original ruling reinstated.

Plaintiff-Petitioner’s Brief in Chief
Defendant-Respondent’s Answer Brief
Plaintiff-Petitioner’s Reply Brief

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