Mexican Diplomat Completes Year of Study

In the photo, l-r: Daniel Domínguez Cantú, deputy consul of Mexico; Gustavo de Unánue Aguirre, consul of Mexico; Fernando de la Mora Salcedo, Dean Kevin Washburn, Program Director Daniel Ortega.

Fernando de la Mora Salcedo, a Mexican Foreign Service officer, received a certificate for completing a year-long program in U.S. legal studies as  a visiting scholar at the University of New Mexico School of Law. The program was established in 1989 under a law-school agreement with the Foreign Ministry of Mexico. It trains Mexican diplomats to understand and analyze United States legal matters that arise routinely in their work at Mexican consulates across the U. S.

Mora received his certificate at an August ceremony, where he discussed a paper he completed during his year at the law school. The title of the paper was, “Taking Aim: Identifying the United States’ Legal Scope of Action to Combat Southbound Firearms.”