Class of 2010 Honors and Awards

LexisNexis Award for Highest Academic Achievement
Brian Close, first in class standing
Shannon Sherrell, second
Amber Weeks, third
Julia Raymond McCulloch Memorial Award for Excellence in Constitutional Law
Presented to a student who has shown outstanding scholarship and a demonstrated interest in the field of constitutional law
Amanda Connor

Judge Oliver Seth Award for Excellence in Alternative Dispute Resolution
Matthew Sanchez, Ryan McKelvey

A.H. McLeod Prize for Demonstrated Skill in Advocacy
Presented to a third-year student who has demonstrated interest and skill in advocacy
Kevin Holmes

Lewis R. Sutin Award for Excellence in Trial or Appellate Advocacy
In honor of Judge Sutin, formerly of the New Mexico Court of Appeals. This award is presented to an outstanding student in either trial or appellate advocacy
Jeremy Theoret

New Mexico Law Review Certificates
Erin K. McSherry, Editor-in-Chief
David A. Ferrance, Managing Editor
Shannon M. Sherrell, Managing Editor
Aaron A. Baca, Professional Articles Editor, Fall
Sean M. Cunniff, Professional Articles Editor, Fall
Derek J. Connor, Professional Articles Editor, Spring
Hajra I. Malik, Student Articles Editor
Maggie K. Murray, Student Articles Editor
Tom J. Bunting, Manuscript Editor
Amanda N. Connor, Manuscript Editor
Stevie D. Nichols, Manuscript Editor

Wall Street Journal Award for Excellence in Corporate and Business Law
Recognizes students for excellence in corporation and business law
Neill Benton

Frederick M. Hart Prize for Excellence in Commercial Law
Honors students who have shown excellence in commercial law
Eric Ortiz

Tort Scholar Award
Presented to a third-year student who has demonstrated interest and proficiency in tort law
Shannon Sherrell

Health Law Scholar Award
Presented to a third-year student who has demonstrated interest and proficiency in health law
Nick Gilbert

Mary Beth and W. Richard West, Jr. Award for Excellence in Indian Law
Awarded to a third-year Native American student who has shown excellence in and commitment to the area of Indian law
Alicia Sanasac

Tribal Law Journal Certificates
Alicia A. Sanasac, Managing Editor
Kitren Thompson Fischer, Senior Editor
Michael J. Anaya, Senior Editor
Honor Kristin Keeler, Professional Article Editor
Sheldon C. Spotted Elk, Professional Article Editor
Jessica Taylor Packineau, Student Article Editor 
Carolyn R. West, Student Article Editor

Indian Law Certificates
Sean Cunniff
Honor Kristin Keeler
Stevie D. Nichols
Jessica Taylor Packineau
Alicia A. Sanasac
Sheldon C. Spotted Elk
Carolyn R. West
Sunshine Whitehair

Michael B. Browde Award for Excellence in Constitutional Law
Brian Close

Award for Excellence in Family Law
Recognizes excellence in family law
Desiree Gurule

Thomson West Group Award for Domestic Relations Law
For demonstrated excellence and interest in domestic relations law
Jordyn Whisenant

Clinical Honors 
Thomas Blog
Valerie Bowers
Julia Catron
David Ferrance
Kitren Fischer
Joseph Gonzales
Michael Gritzbaugh
Javier Martinez
Tania Shahani
Shannon Sherrell
Jeremy Theoret
Rachel Trafican
Amber Weeks
Kristi Williams

Clinical Legal Education Association Outstanding Student Award
Ann Delpha

American Bankruptcy Institute Medal for Excellence in
Bankruptcy Law
Aaron Baca

Hugh B. Muir Prize for Excellence in Tax Law
Karl Kalm

Irwin Stern Moise Award in Legal and Judicial Ethics
Recognizes a third-year student deemed most deserving on the basis of demonstrated scholarship, interest, and activity in the fields of legal and judicial ethics
Samantha Barncastle

Judge Oliver Seth Award in Ethics
Thomas Blog

ABA/BNA Award for Excellence in Intellectual Property Law 
Steven Lucero

National Association of Women Lawyers’ Award
Presented to a third-year student for academic ac
Claire McDaniel

Freedman, Boyd, Hollander, Goldberg, Ives and Duncan Prize for Excellence in Criminal Law 
Ann Delpha

Award for Excellence in International and Comparative Law
Javier Martinez

Albert E. Utton Natural Resources Law Award
Melissa Kennelly, Scott Stromberg

The Honorable Pete Domenici Award for Environmental Excellence
Endowed by Paul Bohannon - recognizes excellence in environmental law
Kerri Hatley, Ryland Hutchins

Natural Resources Certificates
Scott Stromberg
Kenneth Rooney
Aaron Martin
Keri Hatley
John Ryland Hutchins
Melissa Kennelly

Natural Resources Journal Certificates
Melissa A. Kennelly, Editor-in-Chief
Scott F. Stromberg, Editor-in-Chief
Amber L. Weeks, Managing Editor
Brian M. Close, Citations Editor
Eraina M. Edwards, Citations Editor
Joseph C. Gonzales, Citations Editor
Jennifer M. Anderson, Manuscript Editor
James Burns, Manuscript Editor
Aaron Weede Martin, Manuscript Editor
Katie Gwartney Roehlk, Manuscript Editor
Kenneth D.  Rooney, Manuscript Editor
Tania Shahani, Manuscript Editor
David D.  Sommers, Manuscript Editor

Margaret Keiper Dailey Award
Given in recognition of awareness of social problems, concern for people in trouble, and professional dedication to equal justice for all
Paige Duhamel

ALI/ABA  Award for Excellent Scholarship and Leadership
Erin McSherry

Jerrold L. Walden Memorial Award
Established as a memorial to Professor Walden, this award recognizes a student who has evidenced the qualities of heart that distinguished Professor Walden (Professor Walden was a committed champion of human and civil rights and particularly devoted to vindicating those rights for the least powerful.)
Richard Ortiz, Chad Yazzie

Dean’s Awards
Rose Bryan
Sean Cunniff
Silvia Delgado
Rachel Edmiston
Anthony Edwards
Charles Kalm
Kameron Kramer
Hajra Malik
Tania Shahani
James Quinn
Othiamba Umi

Henry Kent Anderson Award
Awarded to an enrolled member of an American Indian Tribe whose work and deeds have demonstrated a concern for victims of societies’ inequities.
Honor Keeler

Sheehan, Sheehan, and Stelzner Pursuit of Excellence Award
Recognizes a student who has shown the greatest improvement in their GPA
Desiree Gurule

Faculty Award
Recognizes outstanding contributions to the law school community
Anna Martinez

Writing Competition Awards

Raymond W. Schowers Prize
Hajra Malik

Helen S. Carter Prize
Gabriela Ibañez Guzmán