Professor Gauna Leads Off Environmental Justice Symposium

Eileen Gauna Professor Eileen Gauna (`85) led off U.S. Environmental Justice and the Law, an early April symposium that brought together representatives of academia, government, the private bar, nongovernmental organizations and the corporate sector to discuss the evolution of efforts to more effectively address the conflicts that can arise around industrial facility operations and community needs.

Gauna provided an historical overview of key legal developments in the field in her opening talk titled, "Perspectives on the Law of Environmental Justice". The symposium was organized by the University of Mississippi School of Law and the American Bar Association's Section of Environment, Energy and Resources, and was presented in Oxford, Miss.

A series of roundtable discussions followed, at which experts from a variety of perspectives discussed:

  • How environmental justice conversations have been successfully incorporated into facility expansion and/or siting decisions;
  • Advances in information availability and the role of this information in environmental justice claims and cases, and legal and practical responses to environmental justice concerns;
  • Case studies in moving forward in constructive and positive ways.

A compilation of reflections prepared by symposium speakers will be published by the Mississippi Law Journal in a special dedicated issue later this year.

April 6, 2011