IPL Organizes Public Economic Security Forum

Matt Gross-Guillen and Barbara Garrity
Matt Gross-Guillen, left, joined Barbara Garrity in a discussion.
Photo courtesy of the Albuquerque Journal

Intense conversation prevailed when about 45 people gathered at an Economic Security Forum to share their values and concerns for how best to move the United States into better economic times. The March 23 forum titled, Economic Security: How Should We Take Charge of Our Future?, was sponsored by the Institute of Public Law (IPL) and the Albuquerque Journal.

The discussion itself was in many ways more important than any solutions that emerged during the three-hour forum, said IPL Director Paul Biderman.

Photo courtesy of the Albuquerque Journal

"This was a chance to participate in a very different kind of deliberation on public policy issues," he said. "What we see on television and debates in the Legislature and Congress are people staking out positions, adhering to them, refusing to budge, then eventually behind the scenes they work something out."

IPL, the public service arm of the University of New Mexico School of Law, organized the Economic Security Forum in IPL's capacity as a center for public life affiliated with the Kettering Foundation, a Dayton, Ohio-based research foundation that promotes constructive and civil public deliberation in America.

Economic security was the third topic the institute has tackled in the forum format. IPL has previously developed and led forums on subjects ranging from water policy to economic security for the elderly. Click here to see reports from previous IPL forums.

Economic security was chosen because "very few people would say we're really out of the woods from the recent recession," Biderman said. "A lot of people are still struggling. It's really made everybody think. Everybody has opinions on it. We wanted to hear them; we wanted to know what thoughts and experiences there have been."

Albuquerque Journal article: Forum Dissects Economy

April 26, 2011