Tribal Law Journal Announces New Staff Members

Tribal Law JournalNatasha Cuylear (`12) and Daniel Snyder (`12), co-managing editors of the Tribal Law Journal, welcome new members to the 2011-2012 staff of the online publication.

The Tribal Law Journal promotes indigenous self-determination by facilitating discussion of the internal law of the world's indigenous nations. The internal law of indigenous nations encompasses traditional law, western law adopted by indigenous nations and a blend of western and indigenous law. Contributors include native peoples, practitioners and law students. Journal content includes, but is not limited to, tribal court case comments, reflections on tribal systems, the development of tribal law, the value of tribal law, interviews and teachings.

Since the Tribal Law Journal's inception, the journal has become the premier indigenous law journal in the United States and is one of the few international legal journal sources dedicated to indigenous and tribal law.

Tribal Law Journal Editorial Board and Staff (2011-2012)   

Professor Christine Zuni-Cruz (`82)

Editorial Board
(All members of the Class of 2012)

Managing Editors
Natasha Cuylear
Daniel Snyder

Professional Article Editors
Billy Jimenez
Moses Winston

Student Article Editors
Morgan Currey
Consuelo Garcia
Senior Editors
JoEtta Toppah
Jonathan Turner
Chelsea Van Deventer

External Project Coordinator
Preston Sanchez

Samantha Azure (`13)
Devin Delrow (`12)
Cherie Dominic (`12)
Ana Huerta (`13)
Evie Jilek (`12)
LeeAnne Kane (`13)
Dane Lauritzen (`13)
James Simermeyer (`13)
Leah Stevens-Block (`13)

August 23, 2011