Tim Vollmann Remembered at Law School Celebration

Delilah Tenorio Choneska (`04) and Pablo Padilla (`05)
Delilah Tenorio Choneska (`04) and Pablo Padilla (`05)

Tim Vollmann was a regular guest lecturer at the University of New Mexico School of Law before he became a member of the adjunct faculty in 2004. On Jan. 25, he was fondly remembered as a teacher, colleague, father and friend during a memorial celebration of his life at the school.

Terrelene Massey (`11) and Anna Martinez (`11), students in Vollmann's Indian water rights seminar in the fall 2010 semester, recalled his extensive knowledge and patience (photo: far left below).

"He showed me how to be a creative thinker," said Delilah Tenorio Choneska (`04), who provided research for Vollmann when she was a law student. "He also showed me a human approach to the practice of law." Choneska now works for New Mexico Legal Aid.

Lee Bergen
Lee Bergen

Pablo Padilla (`05), a former student of Vollmann's and now a water lawyer himself, remembered how Vollmann taught him how to defend his position as a lawyer. He also shared a story that illustrated Vollmann's warmth and dedication to turning law students into lawyers.

Lee Bergen, an Albuquerque water lawyer and longtime colleague of Vollmann, talked of his admiration for Vollmann's unconditional respect for tribal determination.

Also speaking during the celebration were Dean Kevin Washburn, Professor Gloria Valencia-Weber (photo: middle, below) and Bryan Rowland, (photo: far right, below) Vollmann's son. Vollmann was killed in a tragic accident on his way home from work on Dec. 2, 2010.

In Memoriam: Tim Vollmann
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Terrelene Massey, Anna Martinez (`11)   Professor Gloria Valencia-Weber   Bryan Rowland


February 3, 2011